Concession Food & It’s Role in Entertainment

The entertainment industry is a different kind of place. People in the field can come across as extremely extravagant. Everything from events to shows sometimes seem to be over the top. It’s enough to make you question if any of it is real.

However, there is always the main common goal and that is to distract people from their regular lives. People want to be entertained and for that to happen you need an environment that’s different from what you’re accustomed to.

Witnessing the unbelievable is what entertainment is all about. Whether it’s an amazing concert, an acrobatic never before seen dunk, or outlandish special effects at a movie theater.

While we witness all of these magical moments, there’s always a faithful companion:

Concession stand food.

No matter what event you’re attending, there is likely to be a some type of concession food nearby. Whether it’s a luscious hot dog, a sweet and tasty cotton candy, a juice burger on the grill, or that awesome buttery movie theater smell coming from a popcorn machine for concession stands¬†, you’re sure to find something delicious to snack on while at the events.

So why are these two intertwined like Romeo & Juliet?

Simple, concession food is tasty, quick to make, and the markups are huge.

Do you really think a hot dog should be worth 9 dollars at the ball park? How about popcorn for $5?

Of course not. However the key to entertainment is that it’s one of the most efficient ways of extracting money from willing customers. People are willing to pay for a unique experience.

Concession equipment food is just another way of extracting that last dollar.

As food stands continue to reinvent themselves with new offerings, there will always that basic relationship between concessionaires and entertainment. While the entertainers bring the crowds, the concession trailers help rake in the profits.